yellow line down centre of avi movie files

We are building an experiment which presents .avi movie files of faces. A yellow line appears down the centre of each face when we bring them into superlab 4. Weirdly, the yellow line disappears if we change event type from movie (which shows the thumbnail) to another event type then back to movie! Does anyone have any idea what is going on?! Unfortunately, only one file at a time is affected by the change in event type.
Hope you guys can help!

Hi Heather, are you using the latest version of SuperLab? If not, I highly recommend that you do. Versions 4.5.2 and later fix a number of movie-related issues.

Also, are you on Windows 7 or Vista? In that case, we highly recommend that you disable the Aero features and animations. See SuperLab’s FAQs page (“Miscellaneous” section).

Hi Hisham,
Thanks for your reply.
I downloadd the demo of v4.5.3 and we still get this weird yellow line. I’m running Windows XP so we don’t seem to have Aero features. I’ve attached a screen grab of the event editor with an example of the face with the yellow line. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

screen grab.jpg

Thanks for sending me the experiment and videos. It played well on my side. A Google search by our lead developer reveals the yellow line to have happened to other Windows users before and is usually attributed to a particular format’s CODEC (coder/decoder), e.g.

I hope this helps.