Xidon compatibility with OS X 10.6.8


My lab recently purchased a StimTracker Duo + EGI m-pod to measure the timing of visual onsets and synch them with EEG. Stimuli are displayed on a CRT monitor, to which the photosensor is attached; the monitor generates 60 event codes per second. As described here, the normal solution to this problem is to use the Xidon 2 utility to increase the hold-on/hold-off filters. However, the EEG computer to which the amp is connected runs OS X 10.6.8 (and collects data using Net Station Acquisition 4.5). The Xidon 2 utility is only backward-compatible as far as OS X 10.11. Given our strong preference not to update the OS or replace the monitor, is there an older version of the utility that is compatible with 10.6? If not, what is the best way to modify the signal filter settings?

Thank you,
Dan Kleinman

Hello Dan,

We don’t have a version of Xidon that works with Mac OS 10.6.8. However, the values of the hold-on/hold-off filters are stored in flash memory in StimTracker. A (relatively) easy solution is to connect StimTracker to another Mac running a recent Mac OS (or a Windows computer), set the filter values in Xidon that way, and then go back to the 10.6.8 computer.


Hello Hisham,

Thanks very much – that makes sense and will be easy to do!


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