XID device detected, but...

SuperLab fails to detect Response Pad

I’m using an RB-834 Response Pad with a MacBook Pro running SuperLab 4.08 under OSX 10.6.6. The System Profiler shows the RB-x30 Response Pad connected to the USB hub, but when I run AutoDetect in the SetUp tab of the Participant Input pane, I get a dialog box with the following:

SuperLab found an XID device attached to this computer but it is either not the “RB-x30 Response Pad” or it is not in XID mode.

I checked the DIP switches, flipped them all up and then back down to make sure they were all set (all 4 switches down).

When I run an experiment (including the test experiment available here), the experiment starts but then immediately stops and returns the same dialog.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I will contact you via private message regarding your issue.