Using StimTracker with E-Prime and NeuroScan

Hello Cedrus Community,
I am currently putting together an EEG lab that uses NeuroScan (running Curry 7, SynampsRT) and E-Prime I have installed the StimTracker and have been working with the InLine script on the support page. After quite bit of trial and error I have figured out how to send event markers to the EEG record, but I have a number of questions remaining.

First, has anyone been able to use “Task Events” in E-Prime objects to send events to through the StimTracker? This might simplify my plight. NeuroScan recently gave me a HotFix that should work with the StimTracker, but I haven’t gotten events to go through yet, even after working with PST to make sure things are coded correctly. As I’m told there’s more functionality available through Curry regarding events if I can get it to work.

I have returned to using the InLine scripts in the interim. Editing the “StimVal” to match my E-Prime attribute allows me to send over markers. When I try to send the response accuracy value “Stimulus.ACC” generated by E-Prime using a second InLine, it works during the Practice procedure that runs at a slower pace (1300ms) but not during the task which is faster (500ms). I’m guessing that the next trial is wiping out the accuracy pulse. This seems to be the case. Has anyone worked out other ways of dealing with trial accuracy?

Is there more descriptive information available about how to use and manipulate the code on the support site for use in E-Prime? I am working with PST, and they are also a little mystified by some of the stuff coded there.

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Task Events

Hope this is part of an answer: Task events works for me, but need to wrap the number in ‘mh’ and ‘0’ (see picture sending a 2, Just need to set pulse duration at the beginning of trial usin an inline containing:

Dim millisecondsDuration As Integer
Dim bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand(5) As Integer

millisecondsDuration = 10

bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand(0) = 109 ’ ascii m
bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand(1) = 112 ’ ascii p
bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand(2) = millisecondsDuration
bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand(3) = 0
bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand(4) = 0
bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand(5) = 0

' (E-Studio generates the following script when the serial device is

’ added to the experiment: Dim Serial As SerialDevice).
’ Send the command to StimTracker!
Serial.WriteBytes bytesThatMakePulseConfigCommand

I am using stimtracker with NeurOne EEG system and since it just using the top connector of the stimtracker the number that it outputs is restricted to 3 bits i.e. nr 1-7

Task Event.jpg