Using StimTracker to mark an event in superlab

I was wondering if it would be possible to use StimTracker to send an event marker (from the light sensor) to trigger an event in Superlab. I am using EyeWorks software with an eye tracking device and need to use superlab for the purpose of gathering reaction time data in addition to the eye tracking data. I was thinking that the light sensor could detect the onset of a particular event on the screen and this could trigger an event marker that Superlab would then use for timing of key press purposes. I won’t be using superlab as a presentation software in this case, but only for the sake of gathering key press reaction time data relative to particular screen events. Thank you.

StimTracker is not capable of doing this, however we are releasing a new generation of our response pads in 2 months that will be able to achieve this. They will have lightsensor input that is capable of resetting the RT timer and all subsequent responses will be time stamped accordingly.

Response pads that will accept light sensor input?

Hi. I just wanted to be sure there would be an email or other announcement when the response pads that will accept light sensor input are available?

Hi Beatrice, the announcement went out today: