using psychopy with older lumina controller

I am trying to launch a new fMRI experiment. When I was at Vanderbilt in the States, the issue of syncing my experiment with the scanner was really easy; the trigger pulse and subjects’ responses were recognized as simple keyboard presses and all the devices were connected with USB.

Now, in my new place, there is a Philips Achieva scanner, hooked up to an old lumina controller. It does not have any usb connection.

I really need to connect the lumina controller to my McBook pro (15-inch, retina) and sync the scanner with my psychopy script.

Please tell me everything that I need from hardware to software setup.

thank you

You will need a USB-serial port adapter. We recommend part USB-COM-U13 from Saelig.

However, please be aware that this will still not give you keyboard emulation capability. In psychopy, your code will need to communicate with the controller as if you are opening a serial port.

yes, I am aware of that. do you have any coding example?

Also, what about the pyxid library? Do I need to script such that import both pyxid library and pyserial library?

thank you

The best coding resources are listed on this page, which includes our open source C++ and Python libraries.