Using pre-2011 Cedrus RB-834 on new 64 bit computers

Hi all,

Our lab just purchased a new laptop with which to run presentation based paradigms on, but unfortunately the laptop does not recognize the RB-834 response pad (and therefore no drivers are installed). I’ve read on this forum that this problem can be fixed if the box is reconfigured using a computer running windows xp. Has anyone tried this and does it work? After reconfiguration, does the box actually work on a Window’s 7 64bit computer? Any other suggestions? ALL the computers in our lab currently are Mac and therefore unless there is no other option, I don’t want to have to install xp on my own windows laptop.


Yes, the reconfiguration will make it work on Windows 7 (and Vista) 64-bit edition. In fact, the only reason why you would need to do that is to make it work on 64-bit editions of Windows; the 32-bit editions are unaffected.

I suggest not installing XP on your own Windows laptop just to run the utility programs. Instead, try to find a friend who does have access to XP. You also have the option of returning the response pad to Cedrus and we’ll reconfigure it for you.