Using Paradigm with RB-530 Response Pad

Could you please post more information about the solution to this issue as I’m having a similar problem.

I am running Paradigm and using the RB-530.

When I first set up the experiment, the software recognized the box with no problems and it worked for 10 sessions. I then powered down the laptop, unplugged the box, and took the computer to a new location.

(With participants sitting in the room, waiting) I powered up the computer, and once windows was fully started, I plugged in the box (as I had done previously), except this time I got messages that an unknown device had been plugged in! I could not reinstall drivers, and the box would not work, and was not recognized by Paradigm.

Is it best in your experience to have the box plugged into the USB port before powering up the computer? This has only caused problems for me so far, so I’ve opted to wait until Windows is loaded.

Please advise

Do you know when you purchased your response pad? What operating system did the first computer you were using have (XP, Windows 7-64 bit, Vista), and the second? If the pads were purchased before June 2011 the link below will be beneficial.