Trouble Sending Triggers From E-Prime with C-Pod

I recently purchased the c-pod to allow me to send triggers from E-prime 2.0 to ANT Neuro’s EEG amplifier. The USB serial port for the c-pod shows up under device manager, but E-prime isn’t able to send triggers through it. I wasn’t sure if there is some extra step I might be missing, but any advice at all would be helpful.

Are you getting an error message from E-Prime? where exactly is the trouble spot, e.g. is E-Prime unable to open the serial port, or can it open it but pulses that you send using E-Basic are not being delivered?

There is no error message, and I can add the serial port to the experiment as (COM 5). I’ve tried adding task events to send triggers based on terminating responses on a slide on e-prime using writebyte. The triggers just don’t seem to be sending. The light on the c-pod does not go off, nor does the EEG record any trigger.

Please see the E-BASIC code that’s posted on this page:

It will work largely as is with c-pod.