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Hello everybody,

I recently got my Lumina Response Pad (LP-400). But i haven’t been able to synchronize the trigger and the controller. I configured the Synch pulse of trigger (in the software of the Achieva) to appear on each dynamic, and i had a TR=3000 ms, and i saw that sometimes the trigger’s led turn On but not sequentially (not each dynamic). I don’t know what is happening, can you help me with this or can you contact me with someone who made this before.

PD: TTL pulse of 4 v and 5 microsec (Philips Achieva)

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Hi Eliana,

The Achieva can be configured to have its pulse made longer. You will need to do so because 5 microseconds is too fast for the LSC-400B controller. When shipped, the trigger input can detect pulses as short as 400 to 500 milliseconds. But this can be improved to detect pulses as short as 10 microseconds; see the instructions on this page.


Trigger Philips Achieva

HI Hisham,

I hope you are ok, i´m still having problems with the trigger. I tried the option with the internal swiches (put both down), and i changed the wide of pulse (directly of the options of the scanner) to 200 us, 500 us, 1 ms and 5 ms, and it couldn´t function ok. When i changed it, i obtained some range of pulses separate by 1 dynamic, but they were not sequencially like i programed it (each dynamic, beginning in the firts dynamic),and in many times i didn´t receive any pulse.:frowning:

I configured the controller with 9600 bd, optical isolation ON, internal swiches down, Lumina device.
We are really worried about it :confused:, I appreciate if you can contact some in the world who has been working with Lumina and Philips Achieva (or just Philips scann) and has had success with the trigger. We really need this information, i don´t need to contact these people directly, but thought you i think that it is possible. :smiley:

Please give our mail to these persons if is necessary to make a contact:

I appreciate your help and your time,

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Hi Eliana,

Are you sure that the Achieva is sending its pulses as expected? Are you seeing them when using an oscilloscope or any other method?

BTW, I recommend against posting personal email addresses because you’ll find your mailboxes inundated with spam in no time (personal experience).


Trigger Philips


We proved the trigger with oscilloscope and we saw the signal, it was impossible to see it every time that it appeared because our oscilloscope had a delay to renew its screen. But, this is what i want to know, if someone has had experience with Philips Achieva and Lumina, because i don´t have access to many details of scanner and maybe these people can give me more information about someting that is really important to make it works.

Nevertheless, i will try to make an other measurements with the oscilloscope, but please try to investigate my point with someone who had been successful with that.

Thanks also for your recomendation of e-mail,



Hi Eliana,

We don’t keep track of which customer has what scanner, so perhaps someone could respond here. But you need to be able to see the trigger on the oscilloscope every time before considering that the Lumina controller might be the problem.


Resolution to this?


Was there a resolution to this issue? We seem to be having a similar problem on a Philips Achieva 3T with similar TTL parameters. The curious part is that the system worked fine until a recent upgrade to the Philips Software.

We are reliably seeing a 4v 50microsecond pulse on the BNC out port from the Functional Brain Interface (FBI - Philips jargon) box (basically it’s a signal digitizer). However, even with the DIP switches set to down, we only intermittently catch the TTL. We have tried all combinations of input modes to no avail.



Is your Lumina controller set to “Lumina” mode (vs. RB Series, ASCII, etc.)?