I am trying to use SuperLab with in conjunction with a touchscreen(I-O DATA, LCD-USB10XB-T), but it doesnt work when I press the ‘RUN’ button (freezing). Experiments does work when the touchscreen is removed from PC and a mouse bottun is used and when other touchscreen(EIZO, FlexScan T2351W-L) is used. Moreover, a touchscreen by I-O DATA works well when used as a normal touchscreen.

Is the touchscreen by I-O DATA is not appropriate for SuperLab?
Is there any other touchscreen useful from 10 to 15 inch?

Thank you for your cooperation.


Nearly all touch screens, when installed, present themselves as a mouse as far as Operating Systems are concerned. SuperLab does not have explicit support for particular touch screen models. We do have a good number of users running experiments on touch screen’s. Unfortunately, we do not have ant information specific to the I-O DATA model.