Sv-1 Voice Key

greetings. im confronting two problems with my voice key.

first, although i requested that the voice key be compatible with e-prime, e-prime does not seem to recognize it.

second, the microphone doesnt seem to work with the hardware. the voice light comes on briefly when the microphone is first plugged in but does not come on when one speaks into the microphone. i have tried both cords (in case i was making a foolish mistake), but neither works.

what is even more strange is that a different microphone that i have works - the voice light comes on when i speak into it, but only when the jack for the microphone is inserted half-way. when it is inserted fully, the voice light does not come on when i am speaking into the microphone.

obviously, my ability to get the voice key to work with a different microphone (somewhat) remains tempered by the fact that i am unable to get e-prime to recognize the voice key.

does anyone have some suggestions regarding these matters? i would be much obliged for any help.

cheers, devo

There is a chance that you might have been shipped an SV-1 unit that didn’t get its firmware updated for E-Prime compatibility. Given that you’re having that problem and the microphone one, please send it back to my attention and I’ll talk a look at it. We’ll surely replace it if necessary. Send it to:

Cedrus Corp.
Attn: Hisham Abboud
1121 S. Meyler Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

Please enclose a printout of your original post on this forum – it would help a lot!