SV-1 Voice Key Parameters Picture Word Interference Paradigm

I’m trying to set up a picture-word interference experiment. I’ve done this on SuperLab before but in the past, just recorded the participant’s responses separately and then analyzed using either Sound Edit or freeware. I want to try to use the SV-1 Voice Key unit this time around. When I set up the experiment, there’s all these options: Reflective Mode. Is that the default setting? Also under Options, the default seems to be Ignore the voice key release. I’m not sure what all these mean. I want participants to view a picture with word but name only the picture. The reaction time that I want to capture is the time it takes to name the picture from the onset of the picture, regardless of when the word is presented. Thanks.

When you start to speak into the SV-1 that is taken as a key press. When the participant stops talking that is considered a key release. The default options that SuperLab has should work for what you want to do.