SV-1 Voice Key doesn't work with Win10

Greetings, I have an issue with SV-1 Voice Key - it worked perfectly on the PC with Win7, but now I am trying to use it on a PC with a newer OC (Win10) and there seemed to be an issue I do not know how to fix. When everything is connected the orange light doesn’t blink and the data are not recorded.

I use the SR-1 with the USB-serial port adapter from Saelig and ESI U46XL audio interface - the drivers for them have also been installed to the new PC.
Apart from the drivers, I am not sure were the issue can stem from - the similar configuration works well with the Win7 PC. So any feedback/sugestions will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

The function of the orange LED is independent of USB/serial port function. When it’s not lighting up, reasons could be the threshold adjustment, the microphone itself, or a possible hardware fault in the mic’s connector.