SV-1 & E-Prime? Help needed URGENTLY!!!

Firstly, my new SV-1 was recognized by Xidon, but the next day it wasn’t, although I had not yet put it in E-Prime mode. What do I do for my PC to recognize it? I am using Windows XP, and a serial port. Secondly, since I cannot save Xidon in a flash, how can I make my laptop recognize the SV-1(Windows XP, serial port), since my laptop has a destroyed internet card (thus no internet access)??? Thirdly, for the E-Prime to recognize my SV-1 (and for the experiment to run & collect vocal Reaction Times), do i have to follow the same instructions as I would by using the E-Prime Serial Response Box & Voice key? If yes, do I have to install first the Cedrus RB-834 I bought and on that connect the SV-1 (as is required when you use the E-Prime voice key)?
I have been trying the whole day yesterday and still I cannot make my SV-1 work with E-Prime and I really need to run my experiment today!!! Help please:(

οκ! solution found!

OK, I found it! Just had to re-install Xidon…