sv-1 2G ascii mode


I am trying to get a sv-1 voice key to work. In the end I want to communicate with it in ascii mode, preferably using good old C (not C++). I already got the RB series response pads working, but I have some problems with the voice key.

The key point is that I cannot change the protocol in any way. If I send “_c1” to the device (ask which protocol it is in) I get no reply.

I also tried using the xidon program. There I get three possibilities:

  • sometimes it can’t find any xid device
  • sometimes it tells me that 'Xidon detected and XID device, but it is either unsupported by this version of Xidon or the firmware (built-in software) is out of data. Please contact Cedrus for the latest update.
  • sometimes it detects the device but I cannot change any of the settings - if I set the protocol to ASCII it stays in XID mode.

The file date of the xidon program I am using is somewhere in 2006.

Any ideas how I can get it to work?
Thanks in advance,
Michael Stevens

What generation of SV-1 are you using? Please look at the bottom of the SV-1 unit and it should say 2G or another model. Do you know the purchase date or the user who it was registered to? This will help me determine what the issue may be. Also, what software have you used the SV-1 with?

It is a 2G model, ordered at scienceplus (The netherlands) by the Department of Experimental Psychology of Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium (the name on the invoice is Christophe Blanckaert). The date on the invoice is 31/08/2011.

I have tried the voice key with a trial version of superlab 4.5, with xidon and with custom C code.

  • superlab always detects the voice key correctly (it is in ‘reflective’ mode), but there is no option to change the protocol to ascii.
  • xidon sometimes detects it (as described in my first post), there is an option to change the protocol to ascii but it always stays in XID mode.
  • my C code is probably not relevant at this point, I can start working on that once xidon detects/controls the voice key properly.

SuperLab handles XID devices better then Xidon does (Xidon was developed a while back for internal use and was never intended to be released).

  • SuperLab does not have the option to set SV-1 to ASCII mode. However, if SV-1 is in ASCII, RB-series, or E-Prime mode only SuperLab can restore SV-1 back to XID mode. Xidon can handle SV-1 only when it is in XID mode, but it is capable of changing the protocol to ASCII. Please note that once you set the device to ASCII you can no longer use Xidon with it.