My lab purchased a stimtracker to use in conjunction with our EEG system (biosemi) and stim presentation system (Neurobs Presentation). We have noticed that stimtracker does not always detect auditory information at each channel simultaneously. This was shown by sequential triggers of 16 and 32 in our output file, or reversed, instead of trigger 48 which I have been informed means concurrent detection of our sounds. I have inquired about this using the support request email on the cedrus site, and initially corresponded with someone about this but I haven’t gotten any answers. Does this suggest this is a sound card issue or stimtracker issue.

Also, stimtracker only seems to receive info for 6 of the 8 buttons of our RB-830 response box. Is this because there are only 6 lines of TTL output? Is there any way to send information for those other buttons?

Hello Vanessa, our electronics engineer will be looking into the sound samples that you sent me.

Regarding the TTL outputs, this is a physical limitation of the RB-830 response pad: it puts out only 6 TTL output lines. It is not possible to get 8.