Stimtracker with SCAN (not Curry)


I am a new stimtracker user and I am currently trying to mark events on NeuroScan (running SCAN version 4.5.51) using the voicekey (and once I have accomplished this I also hope to use it to send events from Eprime). I am not have much success at the moment – so I was hoping for some guidance!

Right now I have connected Stimtracker to my Neuroscan amp using the DB25 cable. Since I plan to eventually use stimtracker with Eprime I have also connected stimtracker to my eprime computer via USB and I have downloaded the appropriate drivers. The way our system is setup, I am running Neuroscan on one computer, and Eprime on another computer – so the drivers have only been installed on the Eprime computer. Is this a problem? I assume the drivers are necessary for Eprime to communicate with Stimtracker when sending events. Based on this assumption I have not connected Stimtracker to my Neuroscan computer, and I have not installed the drivers on my Neuroscan computer. Is this a problem?

Essentially all I have done on the Neuroscan computer/ system side of things is connect Stimtracker to the amp – but I am guessing there is more I need to do to configure the device, because currently Stimtracker is detecting input (I used the Eprime test program that I downloaded from the website, I also connected my iphone to the audio in on stimtracker and played a song and in both cases the LEDs informed me that input was being detected), but I was not getting any event markers in SCAN.

As I have now mentioned various times, I am running SCAN (version 4.5.1), not Curry, and most of the instructions provided on the website are with regards to Curry – so I am not clear if there is something else I need to do. Any tips you could provide would be appreciated!


You are correct about the USB driver: it needs to be installed only on the E-Prime computer. No need to install it on the Neuroscan one.

Regarding SCAN, see this tech support page. Neuroscan has opted not to add StimTracker support in SCAN since the software was superseded by Curry, so only 8 bits can be recognized by SCAN instead of 16. These bits happen to correspond to the event codes sent by the computer (E-Prime in your case). Other sources of input, e.g. audio, will not be picked up by SCAN.

Thanks for your response. Glad to hear I have everything setup appropriately.

It is unfortunate that we will not be able to use the voice-key function with SCAN, however, as I mentioned in my previous post, I downloaded the E-Prime test program, and I was able to send events to the stimtracker (the LEDs were flashing on the stimtracker device), but these signals were not being picked up by SCAN. Are there any settings I need to adjust on SCAN to detect these signals? Right now stimtracker is connected to my NeuroScan amp with the DB25 cable, as per the NeuroScan documentation – is there something else I need to do to have SCAN recognize these signals?

Thanks again!

Unfortunately, we really cannot help when it comes to setting up SCAN. This is something that you would need Neuroscan’s help with, or the help of another SCAN user.