Stimtracker test using Hyperterminal

I recently purchased a Stimtracker and would like to test the emulated serial port interface using Windows Hyperterminal. After reading through this page:

I still have some questions. The default baud rate is 110k, but that’s not a standard baud rate for rs-232, right? Would 115200 work?

Beyond that,

  • how many data bits are there? 8?
  • Any stop bits?
  • Parity?
  • Flow control? none?

Thanks for any help clearing up these questions.


It is indeed 115,200 baud. The web page has been updated to show “115K” instead of “110K”. The protocol is 8-N-1, no flow control.

Thank you. I am now able to communicate with the Stimtracker. When I send a command, (“mhff”, for example) the ‘marker’ light illuminates for a short time, so I assume the Stimtracker is receiving my command.

The issue I’m having now is that my EEG amplifier (Brain Products) is not detecting any of the events I am sending. I have connected the USB2 adapter box to the stimtracker using the cable you have provided. Triggers from the photostimulators are being detected perfectly, I’m just having a problem with events sent through the serial interface.

Kris, the ‘mh’ command takes a binary value, not hex. However, ‘mhff’ should have still turned on a couple of lines. Try ‘mhoo’ to have two additional lines turned on (makes it easier to spot changes in the Brain Products software).

Also, keep in mind that only the lower 5 event bits are available to Brain Products’ amplifier. See Pin Assignments for Brain Products’ USB2 Interface.

Awesome! It is working great now, thank you.

I am using the commands
Serial.Writestring “mh”
Serial.WriteInteger &HFF

One more thing: I noticed how the baud rate has been changed to 115k on the website, but there is a note underneath that still says the factory default is 110k.

I’m glad it’s working well. Thanks for bringing the 110K typo to my attention; it’s now fixed.