Stimtracker Driver Issue

I’m trying to install Stimtracker with BIOPAC MP150, and I’m having issues with the driver being recognized by the stimulus presentation computer. I followed the instructions, but going into device manager, the usb for the stimtracker is not recognized. Also, there doesn’t appear to be signals sent to Acqknowledge on the data acquisition computer. The computer is windows 7 (chinese). Could anyone help please?

When you go to Device Manager under “Ports (COM & LPT)” do you see the “USB Serial Port”? If you do, this is StimTracker.

Yes, I’ve found the USB serial port that you’ve described under device manager. However, when linked to acqknowledge, there are no signals showing up. Is there any way that the channels need to be set up for the signals to be working properly? We’ve checked all of the digital input channels (and the analog channels are full for the BIOPAC MP150 system). Thanks.

Which Stimulus Presentation Software are you using? As a first step, you need to determine if the problem is between the computer and StimTracker or between StimTracker and Biopac. On the StimTracker front panel, if the blue Marker light comes on when you send an event marker from the computer then this means that the computer and StimTracker are communicating (and the USB drivers are working as it should).