Stimtracker and Curry 8

I have a StimTracker that I’m trying to use with Curry 8. The triggers are not showing up in Curry for light sensor inputs 3 and 4 – even though the blue LEDs are flashing for 3 and 4. Triggers are showing up fine for sensors 1 and 2 (i.e., in Curry I get trigger codes ‘1’ and ‘2’). Does anyone know if this is Is this a Curry issue (not recognizing the pin configuration?).

Also … a similar problem arises with audio triggers … the left and right blue LEDs are flashing appropriately, yet the Curry trigger codes are ‘9’ for both left and right (instead of being different for the different sides)

Any ideas?


Light sensors 3 and 4 are not supported by the Neuroscan signal adapter block that we include. Same for audio: only the combined “Audio L+R” signal is supported, i.e. you cannot get individual left or right channel markers.

You can see the list of available signal on the StimTracker Interface to Neuroscan EEG support page.

In essence, StimTracker puts out more signals than the Neuroscan amplifier can accept. We worked with the Neuroscan team and decided on providing the signals that are listed in the page above.

thanks Hisham this helps

If I wanted I suppose I could make up my own cable? with my own pin outs to get the sensors 3 and 4?

Modifying the cable won’t work. It’s the signal adapter block that needs to be modified because that’s where the pin mapping is done. You could remove the white protective cover and then cut traces on the board and solder jumper wires.

The output from StimTracker is fully described here.

thanks … I figured I would just take 2 DB25 ports (to go on the back of stimtracker), solder the appropriate pins combine into one cable that goes to the Synamps … I would think that would work … no?

If you are bypassing the signal adapter block that comes with StimTracker, yes, it should work.