Stimtracker + Adinstrument Powerlab

we have a Windows XP computer running Superlab 4.5 connected via usb to a stimtracker unit which in turn is connected (via adapter board) to an Adintruments Powerlab 26T biofeedback unit (on a 2nd computer).

We can test the stimtracker in Superlab using the settings here Superlab Event Settings The blue ‘marker’ light blinks briefly when we click the ‘test now’ button in the Superlab Event. However the ‘Labchart’ software recording the EEG does not appear to register any event markers. We have rechecked that the cabling is secure. Does the LabChart software require any settings to receive the event markers? Will the markers be prominently displayed in the recording?

Mystery solved - We needed to go into the ‘preset comments’ menu of LabChart and define a number of comments that were activated by “Digital Byte” and enter the corresponding byte value from the Digital Output event in Superlab. When we ran the Superlab experiment again those comments were dropped into the Labchart EEG recording.