Similar Re-Install Issues with RB-530 and RB-730

I am having almost the exact same problem as TraciiKunkel’s post from October 2011.

I’ve been using both the rb-530 and the rb-730 controllers with superlab and eprime for the past year now and it seems to all be working fine. I’m currently building some new experiments on another computer and after trying and failing to connect the boxes using that computer with eprime (that’s another future thread post issue), when I connect them back to the original computer that I’ve been using for the past year it shows up as USB<->Serial device, and Windows cannot find the driver even when I’m pointing it directly in the driver folder (Temp/CedrusUSB).

I’ve tried following the steps online by uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but I still get the same message.

Miraculously (I don’t know how this happened) but the rb530 controller began working again but not the rb730.

I tried calling the support line twice today but developers were busy. I need this up and running again by next week so any help either online or on the phone would be great!

Hi Josh, I left you a voicemail a couple of hours. Call me back at your convenience.