Settings for continuos button press


We have an fMRI task with a visual analogue scale rating. The VAS is moved left or right by holding a button press. It was programmed in Eprime 3. We tried it using the Lumina system but it did not work until we changed it to repeated button presses, but it is too slow.

Is there a way to modify the Lumina controller to accept button holds?

By “button hold”, do you mean a feature similar to a keyboard’s auto-repeat?

Yes, like that.

The idea makes sense but would require that we modify the firmware. Are you using the Lumina response pads in Keyboard mode or Standard mode?

Keyboard mode is on.

This task was done at the U of Groningen in Holland with another response box and they had to change the setting to accept “hold button” as a response to move around the VAS.

It would be great if this is possible at it will reduce our response times and it would be easier for patients.


I’ve been in discussion about this with engineering, and we’re going to add support for auto-repeat in firmware. It will take us a couple of weeks, possibly less. I’ll post an update when the firmware is ready.

We have new firmware version that supports keyboard auto-repeat. See this Lumina support page.

Once you’ve updated the firmware, you will also need to download Xidon 2. When you run it, go to the Device menu → Keyboard Auto Repeat.