serial to USB with SV1

I am having problems with Xidon detecting the SV1 voice key with a serial-to-USB converter (specifically, the Trendnet TU-S9 v2.0R) on a PC with Windows XP and another with Windows 7. When I check the device manager it recognizes the converter as COM3 but Xidon won’t detect it. Any suggestions would be appreciated, including currently available serial-to-USB converters that users have had good experience with in conjunction with Xidon with specific emphasis on currently available because the one device listed in another thread has been discontinued. Thanks very much.

The fact that the Device Manager recognizes the converter as COM3 is an indication that the USB driver is installed properly.

Is your SV-1 unit in E-Prime mode or any other mode? Xidon 1.0 will not be able to detect it if so.