serial mouse and response pad

maybe this problem has been addressed before and hopefully there is a (simple!) solution…
I am currently running an experiment that requires use of a serial mouse and a response pad (RB834). It all works very well on a desktop, but I now need to run the experiment on a notebook. So here are my questions.

  1. most laptops no longer have a serial port: can I use a ‘serial to USB’ adaptor to plug in my serial mouse and collect responses? would this allow me to have the same resolution I had with the serial port or will I get a larger random error (i.e. as a USB mouse…)
  2. can I still use both the mouse and the response pad or would they conflict, as they will both rely on USB ports?
    Thank you very much, all suggestions much appreciated
  1. We have not tried this before, but I did run it by a developer and they said it should work. However, there will be larger errors but we are not sure by how much. We do recommend the Saelig USB-to-Serial Port adapter.

  2. Yes, you can use both the mouse and response pad together. This is because once the USB driver is installed, your computer thinks you have a serial port, not a USB.