Send 5V TTL output on LSC-400B Accessory Connector

I currently have the Lumina LSC-400B controller connected to a Windows computer by serial port. I’m also receiving triggers from an MRI scanner.

I need to trigger another device that inputs a 5 V TTL signal. I want to send the signal through the Accessory Connector on the LSC-400B. The documentation says this inputs/outputs a TTL signal. I’m writing the program in python.

Can I write a signal to be output from the Accessory Connector on the LSC-400B? Do I need to send any special signals to the LSC-400B? What mode/speed do I need to set the LSC-400B to?

Thanks a lot for any help!!!

You can certainly do that, either by sending commands directly via XID commands, or by using our pyxid library.

The controller needs to be in “Lumina” mode. Any speed will work, but the highest is recommended.

Thank you, that is very helpful!


Anytime. :slight_smile: