Response Box timeout settings and framerate limitations.

I am trying to integrate Cedrus Response Boxes into my custom vision test software but the PollForResponse() function takes 100ms to return which if I want to check for button presses during stimulus presentation I get limited to 10hz framerate. I have managed to hack a solution where I changed there serial connections timeout read/write timeout to 7 ms by modifying the line “FT_SetTimeouts(m_DeviceHandle, 100, 100);” at line 120 in Connection.cpp and rebuilding XIDLib.dll. But this still does not seem ideal because its still chewing up a huge part of my rendering time if I want to hit 60hz. Polling for keyboard seems to take far less then 1ms. I tried lowering to about 5 ms but started to get timeout issues in my simple test code. Is the cedrus response box just not designed to be polled during stimulus presentation?


While the timeout of 7 ms seems to work for the response box for detecting simple button presses but I am worried it might cause problems with other functions and or cedrus devices although I am not currently using any.