RB530 & VB.net

Hi everyone:)

I am going to perform my next experiment.

but my boss want me to use response pad instead of mouse clik.

I have finsihed the program in VB.net (by cliking mous:mad:)

Is there anyway that I can get response via RB530 in VB.net?:confused:

Thank you:cool:

This is possible to program. The response pad has four modes, and the easiest one for this would be the ASCII mode. :slight_smile:

Did you figure out the code? (and if so, could you share?)

I have written some software for experiments in VB.NET and would like to start using a response-box with it. I’m not much of a programmer, so I was wondering if you managed to get the Cedrus response-box working in .NET, and if so - would you mind sharing the code?