RB-x30 Series button boxes, digital markers, Biopac and E-Prime

We currently use our button boxes to output digital markers to Biopac via the Event Type: Digital Output using a modified RJ45 lead to input raised and lowered line info to an SSL2 lead so we can accurately record when stimuli and displayed etc.

This year we have had a requirement for some experiments that are more suited to E-Prime scripting than Superlab but currently we have similar way of interfacing to Biopac. We can’t use a parellel port solution as our new set of PCs have no parallel port. Are you aware of anyone using Cedrus button boxes to interface Eprime and Biopac in this way? Would be grateful for any tips or pointers you can offer!

Unfortunately we are not familiar with this. If you do find a solution, it would be helpful if you posted it on the E-prime forums for other users.