RB 834 XID mode


I’m new to using the Cedrus RB 834 box, and I had a question about interfacing it with the Presentation software from Neurobehavioral Systems. When I try to use it in XID mode, the code it sends to Presentation appears to differ each time, even when pressing the same button. Is this normal? If so, how should I deal with this when writing my program? Any help or advice you can give on setting the box up with the software would be much appreciated.


Yes, it’s normal for the code being sent to be different every time because, when in XID mode, the information sent includes a time stamp in milliseconds. Also, for this information to make sense, you need to be resetting the RB-834’s RT timer.

If you don’t need time stamped information, there are other modes available that would be easier to handle. See the Various Protocols support note where all the modes are compared.