RB 834 output

I haven’t purchased it yet, but I would like to use the RB 834 to do 2 things. I’d like it to allow input to Superlab, but also to provide a signal to my physiological recording equipment (PowerLab) through either an 8-pin DIN connector or a BNC type connector. This would allow me to insert a comment into the recording for each stage of the experiment. What do I need in addition to the RB 834 and the corresponding cable to do this?

Hi Beatrice,

Our response pads have an Accessory Connector on the back that, by default, will provide signals whenever a key is pressed. General notes:

  • Physically, the Accessory Connector is an RJ45 connector, identical to the Ethernet (network) connector. These cables are very easy to find.
  • Only 6 output lines are available. See this tech support note for the details.