RB-830: problem with keypress detection in Win98 (realtime priority)


I am using Presentation software version 0.71 under Windows 98SE.
motherboard: Asus A7N8X-X
Serial port settings are as it is suggested on the Cedrus website.

I have a following problem with my RB-830.
When I run my procedure in real time priority, Presentation does not detect any keypresses.
In test/diagnostic mode there’s no problem, all keys are detected correctly.

I am not sure what’s the source of this problem. Is it a bug in motherboard’s USB controller driver or in the USB driver for RB-830?
Have you encountered such a problem?


I’m not familiar with Presentation (or the internals of Windows 98), so I’m taking a guess here. If Presentation does not willingly give up processor time, it’s entirely possible that the drivers are being starve. If it works correctly on a hyperthreaded or multi-core system, then this theory would be supported.