RB-540 DIP Switch Settings for E-Prime

We have successfully used the RB-530 with E-Prime where the RB-530 was configured to emulate the PST Serial Response Box Model 200A at 19200 Baud. In this case, the DIP switch settings we used were (as seen from the back of the unit):

up-down-down-down (1000)

So far, we have been unsuccessful in configuring the RB-540 for the same purpose. Based on information in the thread http://community.cedrus.com/showthread.php?t=2115 it appears that all four DIP switches are used on the RB-540 whereas only the first three were used on the RB-530.

What is the correct DIP switch configuration for the RB-540 to emulate the PST Serial Response Box Model 200A at 19200 Baud?


It should be down-up-down-down for PST / E-Prime mode.

With those DIP switch settings (down-up-down-down) we get an error (see attachment).

Note this is the same E-Prime script that runs without error on the same machine with an RB-530 attached, so it doesn’t appear to be a driver issue. The driver is the latest for Windows XP (2.10.0). Further, we get the same error if the RB-540 is not plugged in.

E-Prime Error.PNG

On the RB-x40 models, there is no difference in implementation between them and the earlier RB-x30 models. Something is not adding up, please call me when you have a moment.


Thanks very much for your help. You are correct, the problem was that the following PST drivers were not installed:

PST Port I/O Driver (PortDriverInstaller.exe)
PST Serial Response Box Driver (SRBoxDriverInstaller.exe)

We downloaded the above installers from http://www.pstnet.com/support/download.asp?Type=Misc. When correctly installed, these both show up in the XP Device Manager under “Other devices”.

This is also documented on the website in the “E-Prime Run-Time Error 10051” section of the page: