RB-540 and Presentation


I’m trying to set up RB-540 to work with NBS presentation, but when I’m trying to re-enumerate devices I get this:

Unable to create response device extension Cedrus XID:
An attempt was made to create a COM object for a class that is not registered:
Interface ID: {7F2C1D70-B69A-4488-817E-17140910773B}
Class id: {AF16F32C-DC86-4877-B236-422F750978A2}

I’m using Windows 10 x64 and Presentation 20.
So far I have:

  • updated FTDI drivers to latest x64 version from off. site
  • updated RB-540 firmware to latest version from off. site and ensured it’s in Superlab mode
  • installed XID extension from off. site without installing server (otherwise it failed to install)
  • installed each version of VC++ (2005-2017) in both x64 and x86 (just to be sure)

When I’m trying to listen to pad via Presentation’s input COM-port test mode, I get consistent asnwer from each button, so device itself is working fine.

I’ve found old mention on this forum, that you should install older version of one of VC++ editions, but with no specifics to which exactly.