RB-530 and Windows 7 32-bit


I just have a question as to the procedure for installing the RB-530 under Windows XP 32-bit here.

Does MProg have to be run for Windows 7 32-bit or just 64-bit? We are going to be using Windows 7 32-bit in this paticular classroom. The same pads were being used under Windows XP on the same hardware.

I have reinstalled the pads two Windows 7 computers as a trial run, but was just wondering about the necessity of running MProg as Windows 7 installed the pads without a hitch. If so, what does it accomplish, and would it make the pads incompatible with previously compiled experiments?

I am getting ready to install 30 pads on 30 Windows 7 computers so I need to have the process srreamlined as much as possible.

The 30 response pads were purchased in two batches - 1st batch in 2009 and 2nd in 2010.

Thanks in advance,

Derek Ljongquist
Western Connecticut State University

You will only need to run MProg once on a 32-bit computer for the reconfiguration. In our experience using the Windows XP 32-bit works the best. This will not make the pads incompatible with your previous experiments.

Allow me to rephrase the question: Is the MProg program mandatory to make the response pads usable under Windows 7, 32-bit?


Strictly speaking, no, your don’t need MProg. You can use the Cedrus drivers. But if you do, you won’t be able to share the response pad with a colleague or student that’s using the 64-bit edition of either Vista or Windows 7.

I’d recommend the MProg approach. It’s a one-time thing, and once done, you’ll be able to use the USB drivers that ship with Windows itself, i.e. no separate download on each computer that you might use the response pad with.