rb-400 on windows xp


I’m trying to use and RB-400 response pad with my experiment that is written using python and psychopy, and can’t seem to get pyxid to work. When I run “pyxid.get_xid_devices()” I just get “[]”.

Is there something I need to do besides just plug it in and search for the device? Anyone else out there trying to get one of these older models to work?



Also - does anyone know of a convienent way to test the response pad to make sure it works? I tried superlab, and can’t get it to respond there either.

The RB-400 is not an XID device and will not work with pyxid. Communication between the RB-400 and the computer is only one way: from the response pad to the computer when a button is pressed. This means that the RB-400 has no way to “listen” to commands coming from the computer, and therefore SuperLab has no way to auto-detect its presence.

As for it not working with SuperLab, this can be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You might be using a USB-serial port adapter, but the USB driver is not installed correctly
  • You specified an incorrect baud rate; the actual baud rate that you choose to use does not matter, but the computer and the RB-400 must be using the same one
  • You specified the wrong serial port / COM port

There is, of course, the slight possibility that the response pad has stopped working after 15+ years, but the RB series has a superb track record quality wise. Nevertheless, if you are suspecting a malfunction, you can send it in and I’ll look into it for you.