problems connecting Lumina


The box that i refer is in attachement.
Cedrus site does not refer to her and says this:

“If you are using a scanner made by GE Medical Systems, we highly recommend that you obtain this quality, custom built,3 meter (15 foot) cable. It allows you to synchronize a stimulus presentation with the start of a scan and spares you the trouble of building your own.” (

I’m a little confused…
If the system for siemens is this, then how do I connect this?? Does this cables connect in the back of the controller and the power connect to the entrance on the left in the foto (and not in the controller)??
And the entrance in the right? Is there where the trigger cable of the scanner connects? What type of entrance is this? What jack / adaptaer / cable needs to work?


Hi Pedro,

The Siemens adapter was designed to reduce the amount of cabling that’s necessary. There are two input and two outputs:

  • One input is the Siemens optical trigger. The connector has a protective rubber thing that needs to be removed before you plug-in the optical connector.
  • The other input, also visible in your photo, is the AC adapter. Unplug the AC adapter jack that is plugged into the Lumina controller, and plug-in instead into the Siemens optical adapter.
The [B]outputs[/B] are simpler: an AC adapter jack and a BNC connector (like a TV antenna's). They both plug into the Lumina controller.

Let me know if you have more questions.