not saving open-ended responses

I’m running an experiment in which participants type up memories as an open-ended string-input. Unfortunately it’s not saving the actual responses - it just says “open-ended” in the data file for the correct response. I have the box ticked that says ‘record and save response’ in the event editor.

Is there something I need to do to make sure it actually saves what I want? Luckily I’m only at the piloting stage, but I need to have my experiment up and running in about 2weeks, so a quick response will be great.

Thanks so much in advance!

Does your String-Input end using a time limit?

Yes, I do have a time limit on them - the screen automatically changes when the time limit is up.

This is a known issue within SuperLab. Developers are aware of this bug and working on it for a future release. I would suggest not using a time limit for the now.

Oh, I see, thanks so much for your help! I can easily do the time limits manually using a stop watch.

This issue has been fixed in the new SuperLab 4.5.2 release.

Open-ended response

[SIZE=“5”]Hello, I noticed that you posted a thread on the superlab forum relating to open-ended questions. I wanted to ask how you can have Superlab present a dialog box for participants to input their open-ended responses? Thank you.[/SIZE]

Open-ended response contin.

Hello. Right after I sent you my message, I figured out how to present the dialog box for participatns to respond to open-ended question. Would you happen to know how to present the box only during an open ended question, instead of every single-key response? For example, for some questions where I ask them “yes (y)” or “no (n)”, I do not want the dialog box to be displayed.

  • You will need to have responses defined for both Single-Key and String under [B]Participant Input[/B].
  • While still in [B]Participant Input [/B]select the [B]Options[/B] tab for both Single-Key and String Input. Make sure the option "Only if an event designates a single key response as correct" and "Only if an event designates a string input response as correct" is selected.
  • Now, for [U]every[/U] event that you have, you need to define a correct response under the [B]Correct Response[/B] tab. Here you select the type of response you want the participant to have for that event (single or string).