New Problem with re-installing RB730

I hate to double-post but this is a bit of an emergency. Been in data collection for 2 years, FINALLY getting participants but I have a limited time to finish this. And now my RB730 which has been working fine all this time is not being detected. As another member posted in another thread, when I plug it into the Windows XP machine (same one it has been used on for the past 2 years) it shows up as USB<->Serial device, and Windows cannot find the driver even when I’m pointing it directly in the driver folder (Temp/CedrusUSB). The previous thread stated that it must have been improperly programmed from the factory, but mine has been fine until now. This is my dissertation research and now I am at a standstill, and if I’m not back and running in the next few days it could set me back another semester. I hope that there is a quick solution.
Thanks in advance,

Thank you for contacting us over the phone regarding this issue.

Yes, Monika got back with me quickly, arranged a shared desktop meeting with tech support, and got the problem resolved quickly. Within 45 minutes of this post I was ready to collect my data again. Couldn’t be more satisfied with support. Thank you.