my caputer is not recognize the sv-1

when i tray to wuse the superlab with the sv-1 i get amassege thet “superlab couldent find a sv-1 connected to this computer”. from where can i donlowed softwer?

You didn’t provide enough information, e.g. are you using Mac or PC? are you using a USB-to-serial port adapter?

In most cases, the problem turns out to be that a USB-to-serial port adapter is being used by that its USB driver has not been installed.

i’m using a PC. and a USB-to-serial port. what shuld i do?

it’s o.k, tanks’

…how did you connect SV-1 with a serial-to-usb port adapter?

I read that yo connected SV-1 to your PC with a serial-to-USB cable. Please tell me the exact cable you used and the steps you took to connect the voice key, as I am having an enormous problem connecting my SV-1 with a serial-to-usb cable. Xidon cannot convert te port mode from XID to PST SRB mode, to work with E-Prime.
Anxiously waiting for your response;)