Macbook Pro 2016 / 2017 usb-c port

I have a new MacBook Pro with USB-C ports. This means I cannot directly connect a response pad to the Matchbook Pro without using an adapter for the USB cable. Will Superlab recognize that the response pad is connected if I use an adapter to connect it to the MacBook Pro? I have not been able to try this out yet for myself.

I use a similar MacBook Pro with USB-C ports and I have not ran into any issues when using an adapter.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have tried this myself now, and the MacBook Pro failed to recognize that the response pad was connected. I shut down and rebooted the computer with the response pad still connected, and still it failed to detect the response pad. I used an Apple adapter to connect the response pad, not a 3rd party adapter. This is a problem as I need to use an Apple computer to run tasks.

Did you install the USB driver?

[QUOTE=Hisham;7682]Did you install the USB driver?[/QUOTE]
Great, that solved the problem. After a reboot, it recognized that the driver had been installed. Many thanks!

You’re very welcome.