Lumina XID plug-in for Presentation does not work

Dear All,
we have a Lumina controller and we need to use it with NBS Presentation software.

I have installed the XID plug-in for Presentation and I have followed the instruction found within the page “

After the installation and the registration of the plugin, I performed Setting > Response Selection > Re-enumerate devices, but I couldn’t see the Lumina Controller within my input devices.

How can I fix it? I need some other driver?

Thanks in advance for your precious help.


There are a couple of things that you may need to do.

One, make sure that the USB driver is installed. Do you have the Lumina 3G model (silver) or the older LSC-400 white controller?

And two, our Presentation plug-in was updated a couple of months ago, but unfortunately the link on the page was not updated. This has now been fixed and points to the updated plug-in.

Dear Hisham,
I really appreciate your response. I think that we have both of the problems.

First of all, we do not have a USB driver, since we are using a Lumina Controller embedded in a Philips stimulation system. My controller is a Lumina 3G. How can I obtain the USB driver?

In addition, we had used the previous Presentation plug-in. We will check with the updated one.

Thanks in advance for your precious help.


The USB driver can be obtained from this web page.

The “setup executable” link is more convenient than the drivers listed in the “x86” and “x64” columns because, when the program runs, it automatically places the USB driver files in the correct location.

Depending on your computer’s settings, you will likely need administrator priviliges to perform this one-time installation.