Lumina Controller Response Pad Not Recording Data

I am currently working on a fMRI experiment and have a LSC-400 Lumina Controller. When we hit the response pad, the button lights flash on the controller but nothing is picked up on the computer (the controller is set on E-prime/MEL and 19200). We first got the erratic mouse, and then used the solution in the manual, that left but still we get no recording of responses in E-prime. Any ideas? We are using a USB-serial converter - could that be why?
Dr. Erin Skinner

The easiest way to determine if it’s an E-Prime or USB-to-serial converter issue is to download the SuperLab demo. If SuperLab is able to detect the response pads, then it’s an E-Prime issue.

You may download the demo from the following link:

Once SuperLab is downloaded, go to the Experiment menu and select Participant Input. Under Select Device(s) to Use, select Lumina MRI Pads, then go to the Setup tab. Here you will see a button that says, Auto Detect.