Lumina cable extension

We have a Lumina LSC-400B Controller with input from response pads and a trigger cable.
After our MR upgrade (including removal and reinstall of all cabling) it appears that the cable from the Lumina to the penetration panel is too short. In the LP-400 install manual it is cable E described this way (“Cable E comes in Box No. 3. Plug the “female DB9” connector into the penetration panel from outside the magnet room. Plug the round connector into the Lumina controller F.”) However, in our case the connector to the Lumina is not round but more similar to a ethernet connector.

Can we purchase an extension cable from Cedrus or other vendor for this cable? Thanks.

Please see this Lumina 100 Foot Shielded Extension Cable.

Side note: on the older LSC-400B controller, the connector is called “HSSDC”. It was been discontinued and is difficult to find. It is better to extend the cable on the DB9 connector side.

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