Lumina 3G controller often not detected in PsychoPy and Presentation

We have installed a Lumina 3G device. It ran perfectly for a month but the system is now acting strange.

Presentation and PsychoPy often complain that a Cedrus device is not found despite the correct settings. This did not happen in the previous month.
I checked and the device is detected in the Windows Device Manager.

I cannot pinpoint when exactly the problem occurs but here a few lines of thought.

What works (in no particular order, just some empirical findings):

  • It also seems that the stimulus PC must be fully booted before turning on the controller. After that, the correct configuration must be set and only then the stimulus presentation software can be started. This was not an issue before.
  • Unplug, power cycle and replug the controller from the stimulus PC
  • Avoid pressing the controller’s buttons when the stimulus presentation software is started (not running a paradigm)

I first thought this was a XID protocol problem but using notepad and setting keyboard mode also fails.

I also got the message from Windows (other researchers may also have had it but not reported) that the USB device is not correctly connected to the PC

This is a bit annoying as I now get a lot of phone calls from people complaining they don’t get any input from the device.
Is there something I can do to check the status of the controller? It is already running the latest firmware.
Is there a specific booting order?
Could this be a failing device?

Best regards