Link of presentation neurobs and stimtracker


I am trying to combine triggers sent from a PC running presentation neurobs, auditory triggers (from audio input) and visual triggers (from the photodiode input).
I haven’t figured out how to sent the triggers (codes) from the presentation PC to stimtracker. The output of the PC is (typically) a parallel port. - Which is the stimtracker input that should be used in this case, and what kind of a cable should be used?
To express it differently, how should I send the triggers from the presentation PC to the stimtracker, so that it can combine these codes with the auditory and visual ones before it sends it via the m-pod to my EEG system?

Thank you,

Hello Evangelos, we offer a kit specifically for that purpose: to send a PC’s parallel port send TTL signals to StimTracker. This works only on the Quad model; see this webpage Using an External Input Source.

And here’s the link to the kit.