Installing Stimtracker with Nueroscan Synamps2 system


I’m still waiting on tech support to return my call, figured this might help.

We recently purchased the StimTracker box to use with our current Neuroscan system. The StimTracker box came with a DB25x2 to DB25 adapter. I’m not sure how this will connect to our system. The back of the amplifier has a DB25 connector (male) which connects to a separate box, (female connector), that sends the signals from the response pad and triggers. I’m assuming the StimTracker will replace the Neuroscan box receiving the signals from their response pad, and connect directly to our amplifier. Do I need to find a DB25 cable that has 2 female ends? Is there anything else like pin assignments I need to be worried about?

Any help will be appreciated!

Neuroscan will connect directly to the amplifier. The connector that you received is intended for interfacing with a PC Parallel Port, which I understand Neuroscan uses. If you are using a response pad made by Cedrus, you can connect it to StimTracker via standard Ethernet cable.


Thanks for the quick response. The Neuroscan amplifier has a serial/parallel connection that is male. The cable supplied is a male to female where the female connector is connected to the adapter on the back of the stim box. Does the male connector go to the female serial/parallel port on the back of the computer or do I need a gender changer for the back of the amplifier?

I have it connected to the computer at the moment and will be testing. Again thanks for your help!

Can you clarify a couple of things? By stim box, are you referring to StimTracker or a Neuroscan stim box? Also, a connector is either a serial or parallel, but not both. It might be faster if this is discussed over the the phone.