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I would like to know whether cedrus will provide the cutter for metal of filter plate in order to attach the penetration panel filter at the penetration panel. Hope to get some response from others. TQ :slight_smile:


Perhaps you might find some of these pre-cut penetration panel plates helpful:

Is it means that cedrus do not provide the special cutter so customers need to cut the filter plate conventionally?

When you say “filter plate”, do you mean the penetration panel plate?

The plates shown in the earlier link ( are cut using high precision CNC machining. Afterwards, they are plated. Cedrus does not provide do-it-yourself tools.

Yes, i am refering to the penetration panel plate.

Ooo I see…actually, there is no cutout yet at my magnet room penetration panel…so i think i have to take out the plate n cut it according to the dimension given…because there is no other way in order to attach the filter.

The other way would be to order one of the replacement plates. You take the existing one out and screw in the replacement. This would be much faster than trying to make a hole yourself.

If you will be making a hole yourself, please be very careful because if you leave any portion uncovered, it will cause interference.

Do you know how will it cost for a replacement plate? n may i know the exact hole dimension for DB9 connector?

The hole dimensions are for standard DB9 and DB25 connectors. Any standard connector will fit. As for cost, it depends on the size of the plate, I think. It’s best to send an email after you’ve determined the correct size.

but may i know the range of prices for that penetration plate?

They are usually in the $100-$170 range, including some covers for the holes.