Can superlab run an IAT?

Yes, and somewhere Hank posted a basic idea of how to do that, I’ll try to find it, then get back to you.

Edit: I couldn’t find the post, but the basic idea was creating an event at the beginning, and then making sure all your events did not erase the screen before presenting, and making sure all the events ended with them removing the object from the screen. Hope that helps.




Hanks post may be the one you had in mind Alex

IAT Help: Using Participants Input


I’m trying to create an IAT on Superlab 4.0. Is it possible to use items (i.e words) provided by the participants for them to categorize later in the experiment?

For example, I want them to type in their name, city, favorite color, etc. Let’s say they type in Bob, Chicago, Red. The categories are “Me” or “Not Me.” I want to use Bob, Chicago, Red as items in my stimulus list so that they can categorize those words as “Me” words.

Unfortunately, this is not a capability of SuperLab.


Hanks post may be the one you had in mind Alex[/QUOTE]

The link to this post no longer works, do you happen to know the working link? Thanks!

The link is http://community.cedrus.com/showthread.php?t=477